Dates: August, 2018

Location: TBA

Overview:  The Carney Institute and the Initiative for Computation in Brain and Mind will hold a workshop on Computational Cognitive Modeling of Behavioral and Neural Data.

This two-week workshop provides a toolkit for using computational models for hypothesis testing and quantitative fitting of behavioral data and brain-behavior relationships. Topics include model validation & selection, posterior predictive checks, maximum likelihood, hierarchical estimation, neural regressors etc. We will have daily lectures & discussion, as well as hands-on tutorials for participants to practice writing, fitting and testing computational models.
Week 2, participants will have a chance to participate in a collaborative modelling challenge, using a novel dataset that integrates across multiple aspects of cognition and perception. Prizes will be given for models with best predictive power, rigor, creativity and innovation.
This workshop is designed for researchers across fields and backgrounds: both computation “novices” with no experience, and those with more computational experience who have not yet mastered the science of model selection and parameter estimation, or wish to learn more on specific classes of models.


Participation is limited to 20. Please use this form to sign up.

Contact with any questions.