Faculty with Computational Neuroscience Research

Benjamin Kimia

Vision has emerged as an exciting and interdisciplinary area of investigation. Professor Kimia's research in vision is mainly concerned with the problem of recovery, representation, and recognition of two and three-dimensional shape from real Images. Several sources provide constraint and intuition: On the one hand, geometric constraints lead to hyperbolic conservation laws and a reaction-diffusion model. In this context, shape is understood as a set of interacting shocks. On the other hand, based on his recent qualitative psycho-physical experiments on the interaction of these shocks, he has proposed a theory of shape based on parts, protrusions and bends. Recent neurophysiological developements are very exciting and provide further constraints for models of shape. As a recent application of his work, a generalized scale-space for representation of signals, which embeds Gaussian smoothing as a special case, has emerged. The computer simulation of these equations are complex and utilize some very recent numerical algorithms. Link to website

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