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Biostatatistics & Bioengineering

Neuroengineering (ENGN 1220, Spring, Nurmikko & Hochberg):

To develop an advanced understanding of how signals are generated and propagated in neurons and neuronal circuits, and how this knowledge can be harnessed to design devices to assist people with neurologic disease or injury. Fundamental topics in neuronal and neural signal generation, recording methods, and stimulation methods. Clinical/Translational topics include multiple clinically available and emerging neurotechnologies. Graduate, Undergraduate


Implantable Devices (ENGN 2912R, Spring, Borton):

This course will expose students to topics across the electrical and biological sciences through lecture, design, and laboratory exercises. Students will learn basic governing concepts of implantable device design, including those of tissue interfaces, power delivery, data transmission, hermetic packaging and biocompatibility, and in vivo evaluation through appropriate animal models including design of surgical approach. Teams will be formed early in the course and maintained throughout the semester. Successful teams will invent, design, build, and implant their unique device. Teams will have access and exposure to the Technology Ventures Office through guest lectures and individual meetings.